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Clean Launch Green Energy Jobs Opens – The New Face of Eco-Careers for America

The US has been presented with a unique and golden opportunity right now that deserves to be taken advantage of. While climate change threatens the very future of the planet as a whole, there is also the ongoing employment crisis that’s crawling along in the background. Put the two together and the result is an exceptional opportunity for the nation’s hard-working and dedicating job-seekers to put their time and effort to good use in the thousands of green job opportunities that present themselves all over the US.

This is precisely what motivated the creation of Clean Launch, a revolutionary new careers website for US citizens dedicated to green jobs. As of right now, this one of a kind website is running around the clock in order to match well-meaning and enthusiastic people from all over the US with the kinds of jobs that reward far more than the involved parties alone.

Climate change and environmental issues have stepped out of the shadows to become universally acknowledged by the citizens of western nations. Most are fully aware of the ways in which their actions can influence and affect the environment, which has prompted millions to make significant changes in their habits and lifestyles. However, it’s one thing to make these minor changes for the long-term good, but another to get directly involved in building a brighter and better future for new generations.

What makes Clean Launch a standout and unique service is the way in which it is the first to proactively go out into the market and seek individuals from all backgrounds to fill roles in hugely exciting industries. From the most basic of casual voluntary positions to executive roles designing and developing million dollar wind farms, this is an all-encompassing and comprehensive resource like no other.

Already a hit with environmental campaigners and consumer groups alike, Clean Launch is being seen as a shining beacon of hope for millions of American youths struggling to find work in today’s climate. The world needs as much help and possible in the research and development of green energy to ensure a safe future – the vacancies are there and the talent is out there to fill them.

But it’s not only about ensuring those with passion for the planet find their ideal jobs. At the same time, Clean Launch has set out to become a truly comprehensive knowledge bank and resource to be used for keeping up with the latest industry news and developments from all over the world. The site’s creators hope that Clean Launch will become a global linchpin that’s the first port of call for millions involved in green energy production and general eco-centric efforts the world over.

Clean Launch is tied closely with local and national government agencies to ensure it is always at the very cutting-edge of what’s relevant to the industry and those involved in it. This is just the beginning for Clean Launch and the dedicated team behind it – plans for future expansion are already in progress and could bring the kind of transformation the green energy industry is desperately in need of.

Green Jobs Launch – Making a cleaner, greener Colorado

Green Jobs in Colorado

It might come as a surprise to some, but Colorado is actually one of the nation’s hotbeds for incredible green job opportunities. In fact, in the short five year gap between 2005 and 2010, the green energy and technology industries in Colorado exploded in size by nearly 33%, which compared to the rest of the national average of just 10% is a pretty astonishing achievement.

The data was compiled by the Metro Denver Economic Development Corp and paints a hugely exciting picture of Colorado’s future at the heart of green energy for the whole of America.

It’s really not a big surprise though, as Colorado is lucky enough to be the home of the nation’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory. The state is also blessed with an abundance of sunshine and wind which can of course be harnessed for energy production, which leads to Colorado as a whole taking second place position in all of the US for renewable energy use.

Job opportunities are springing up all over the state like mushrooms after a downpour. In the last couple of years alone, an incredible 20+ wind power and solar power companies have confirmed their intention to either open new centers in Colorado or relocate to the state entirely. The biggest boost of all for the green jobs market in Colorado came when the world’s number-one in wind turbine production, Vestas, revealed that a total of four new factories would be opened in in the state with investment totaling upwards of $1 billion. Once all four of the  plants are fully operational and working at capacity, the company will have brought no less than 2,500 green jobs to the state all by itself.

Vesta wasn’t the only powerhouse to show an interest in Colorado though – German companies Repower and Aluwind both relocated the HQs of their businesses to the state.

Much of the surge in interest in Colorado has been credited to Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc., aka RES Americas. Back in 2008, the company that heads some of the biggest renewable energy products in all of the United States made the move to Colorado and the floodgates opened for others to do the same. When questioned about the motivation for the move, company bosses stated that Colorado has some of the most capable and dedicated students in the country to fill important roles, along with the backing of the main governmental bodies and of course, the National Wind Technology Center. RES Americas is also partnered with Subway through the Subway application online and Pizza Hut (Pizza Hut Application).

And speaking of students, another serious boost for the industry came when the only college dedicated exclusively to green and sustainable energy made the decision to locate its flagship campus in Colorado. The college now boasts hundreds of students – all of which are largely guaranteed exceptional jobs within the state’s booming green energy industry.

Over the last couple of years, the green jobs sector in Colorado has been one of the only to continue growing and defy both the recession and the struggling jobs market. It is now estimated that over 1,600 green energy businesses are employing a workforce of at least 19,000+.

Green Jobs in Denver – Green Career Applications

Green Jobs in Denver

While the rest of the country is still getting to grips with its plans and intentions for future green energy efforts, Denver is soaring ahead with one of the most advanced and perhaps the largest green energy industry in all of the US. Colorado recently became the country’s primary hub for green energy efforts and has seen the kind of investment no other state comes close to.

The result of such investment and development is a market for green jobs in Denver the likes of which is unsurpassed anywhere else. In fact, around 3% of all jobs in Colorado as a whole are now known to be green.

Businesses are flocking to Denver and in some cases relocation altogether, in order to make the very best of the city’s abundant natural resources and manpower. Job creation is constant and stepping up by the day, with recession-proof career postings taking thousands of unemployed citizens of all ages into the green jobs of their dreams.

And the really good news is that there are jobs at all levels to suit all backgrounds, which includes those with no experience whatsoever.

Voluntary Positions

First on the list come the voluntary positions that exist by the thousand. There isn’t a green energy or industry effort anywhere in the state that isn’t always looking for willing volunteers on both a permanent and regular basis to help their efforts. From simple countryside and city cleanup duties to assisting with research and thousands of other examples, those intent on making a difference perhaps in the limited spare time they have will always find something to suit in Denver.

Special thanks to volunteers from Taco Bell. To join the Taco Bell volunteers you can fill out a Taco Bell Application.


Entry-level posts are in many respects similar to those on offer for volunteers, with the primary difference being an official contract and a salary paid. What makes these kinds of roles so desirable is that they not only have the potential to be very well-rewarded, but in the overwhelming majority of instances lead quickly onto bigger and better posts. Those starting at the bottom of the ladder with no more than a High School Diploma rarely stay there for long – the career path is fast and full of potential for those that show promise.

Intermediate Posts

Take the time to study a relevant environmental or industrial subject and it’s perfectly possible to skip right ahead to an intermediate post. This means anything from a laboratory technician to a wind turbine mechanic right through to architectural jobs – the green energy industry comprises hundreds of different roles for intermediate applicants with the right qualification. And again, the career opportunities ahead are staggering in their abundance and reachability – it’s all about showing the necessary drive and dedication.

Advanced Green Careers

Right at the top of the ladder come the advanced and executive careers where the sky’s the limit. These are the posts where those taking them take home the knowledge that they’re making a real difference to the world as a whole for future generations to come. From those involved in planning new wind farms to executives responsible for gaining government  backing and senior scientists pioneering new technologies, there’s so much to be gained by those climbing to the top of the ranks.

And at all levels it’s worth remembering that the green energy industry as a whole is still in its infancy – just imagine what massive and ongoing investment over the coming years will bring.